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Hello and welcome to my website

I hope you enjoy browsing here and finding out more about my books. If you have already read one or more of them – thank you. If not, maybe this website will encourage you to try one.

A Jolt to the HeartWhatever your reason for visiting, please join my mailing list so you can keep getting updates about forthcoming novels, and learn more about writing and becoming published. If you enjoy reading my blog, please let me know.

A writer all my professional life, I began the journey to becoming a published author in 1999. Two big things happened to me that year: breast cancer and publisher rejections. Not one of New Zealand’s publishers wanted my first novel, Dancing in the Wilderness (set on the wild Denniston mining plateau on the West Coast).

But the Big C provided me with the determination to get the damn thing published. That was the first of seven novels, three of them published by Random House and three by Hazard Press. I published my seventh, In Her Mothers’ Shoes (a novel about being adopted, mother-daughter relationships and trying to fit in) myself, as an ebook and in print. And now my eighth novel, A Jolt to the Heart, is published by small indie publisher Blackjack Press. It’s been a learning curve I’ve written about occasionally in my blog.

Romance writing seems to be the genre I settle into for most of my books (there’s been a bit of chick lit there too, or chook lit as they call it, for us older women) and my eighth novel, A Jolt to the Heart is a story that shows love never dies.