A fun read for the holidays

Deadline News, by Caleb Pirtle III
Right from the start, the staccato, speakeasy drawl of the accidental newspaperman who not only finds and writes his own stories but sets the hot-metal type and rolls his own printing press in small-town Texas during the Depression. The story that slowly unfurls in “Deadline News” is a slow burner that has you in its spell from early on,. The blood-splattered body of the town’s kind-hearted boarding house keeper Miss Pauline Carter is found in her bed, her face obliterated by the blast. There is more than a hint of menace in the supporting cast – Sheriff Tatum Bond, who never lets the truth get in the way of an arrest, and the local attorney, Jefferson Wright Esquire, who could sweet-talk a jury out of convicting even the most obviously guilty man. The only hope, in this bleak world where everyone is broke and hungry, is the Last-ditch effort to sink a well and find oil on one of the neighboring properties. Meanwhile, suspects slowly arise, but we’re kept guessing as one after another is eliminated until the surprise ending. Caleb Pirtle is a master of the reporter-turned-detective page turner that feels so authentic of the thirties and the excitement of good old fashioned newspaper reporting and real deadline news. https://www.facebook.com/CalebJPirtlehttp://https://www.facebook.com/CalebJPirtle

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