Call of the Falcon

Call of the Falcon Book CoverRomantic, heartbreaking, full of suspense and unexpected turns, this is a novel is a page-turner that catches you in its spell.

Soaring above the valley between Arrowtown and Queenstown, the falcon finds its mate of summers past. Together through the long hot summer they rear their fluffy chicks, high on a ledge where they should be safe. But the falcons are suddenly in mortal danger when an American film company begins shooting the story of Captain Bully Hayes, notorious South Seas buccaneer, who created a name for himself in Arrowtown at the start of the goldrush.

Call of the Falcon draws on real dramatic events from New Zealand’s wild colonial days, as Captain Bully Hayes sweeps beautiful Rosa Buckingham off her feet and onto the makeshift stages to sing to the drunken prospectors in the semi-lawless goldrush settlemet of Arrowtown.

Then, in the present day, PR supremo Alex Zerakowski (featured in Felicity’s earlier novel No Angel ) is called in to rescue the film company recreating Bully Hayes’ life from public vilification for bringing tragedy to the falcons’ nest. And when Alex holds an injured falcon in the palm of her hand, she realises that she will end up desolate and alone like Bully Hayes, unless she reconnects with the only man she has truly loved.

Like Felicity’s previous novels, this book blends the past with the present, showing how the past can influence our future. This is a story of commitment – of running away from commitment for fear of its consequences, and realising, possibly too late, how much you need the very thing you fear.




“…heart warming and achieves a real depth of feeling… This is a well managed and readable novel… Price presents a buffet of themes, plots and issues. With skill and confidence, she switches from one to another throughout the read, never losing the reader’s interest or sense of wonder.” – The Press

“…a rollicking good read.” – Sunday Star Times

“Felicity Price is a great storyteller. Her research is meticulous, her characters well drawn, and the book moves along at a cracking pace that makes it hard to put down.” – Avenues magazine


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