In Her Mothers’ Shoes

In Her Mothers Shoes Book CoverThree women caught in the adoption triangle – the birth mother, the adoptive mother and their daughter – are about to discover the emotional turmoil of confronting their past when Kate Stewart traces her birth mother and finds she has a brother and sister who never knew she existed.

Based on three true stories, In Her Mothers’ Shoes tells of the heartache of having to give up your baby for adoption without even being able to hold her; of the insecurity of adopting; and how, for an adopted child, there will always be a lifelong yearning to belong, to fit in.

“Sometimes when you read a book, you can’t imagine why it has never been written before: it seems so self-evidently a story waiting to be told, and told in just that fashion. This is that kind of book.”  Fiona Farrell, Author

“This book is ‘social history as much as a study in character’, written with ‘a style that is open, often funny and frequently affecting’.  Damien Wilkins, Author.




“This will resonate with New Zealand women readers in particular.” – Weekend magazine in The Press and the DomPost

5_starsFelicity Price is the mistress of the light, fast read. But in this book, she goes deep to tell her own story of adoption. Although the story is fictionalised, so much of it is true. And this makes the story very poignant. A really good read.

5_stars“Amazing to read a story that could very well have been about so many girls (myself included) and babies if they were not fortunate enough to be born in a more enlightened and less conservative era. Well done Felicity, sensitively written honoring all aspects of your past.”

5_stars“It was a privilege to read this personal journey of Felicity Price and her two families. Who says we haven’t made progress over the past decades. However, it is chilling to look back at the cruel, Victorian attitudes held by society and the ongoing ramifications of these on future generations. “


Paperback: 322 pages
Publisher: Felicity Price & Associates Ltd (July 21, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0473219255
ISBN-13: 978-0473219253
Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 0.9 inches
Shipping Weight: 12.6 ounces

Press Review

“Tapestry of love”

In her Mothers’ Shoes – Reviewed by Kay Forrester
The Press 25 August 2012

The birth mother, the adoptive mother and the daughter are the three points in this love triangle. Felicity Price deserts her usual chirpy chick-lit to deliver a novel based on three true stories, stories very close to home. This is her own story as, through heroine Kate, she follows her own ‘‘quest to belong’’ as an adopted baby.

The photos that precede each of the three sections of the book – one each devoted to the three women – come from Price’s own photo album.

Without question this book could have been written as candidly only by someone who actually pondered the question of how she fits in and has stood in both her mothers’ shoes.

Price genuinely seems at ease with the views from all points of the triangle.

But the secret of reading this story is not to try to match the real and fictional. It’s to allow the story – which could be of any three women, or men – to carry you on the tsunami of emotion that is adoption.

This is a New Zealand novel; the settings, the characters, the situations will have played out in most Kiwi families. It’s that sense of familiarity

Felicity Price’s new novel explores the emotional landscape of adoption. that makes the story real.

Price worked on the novel as a student at the International Institute of Modern Letters writing course at Wellington’s Victoria University, a course renowned for helping writers find their voice. This book has a tighter, more serious feel than Price’s previous novels, not just in the subject matter but in the construction too. The writing is heavy on detail, all the nuances elicited in the search for identity and answers woven into the narrative tapestry. It is, as her writing tutor notes in his review, a ‘‘social history as much as a study in character’’.

For that reason alone it will resonate with New Zealand women readers in particular.

Price has written about her shock when, as a published author of six novels, two of them bestsellers, her publisher didn’t want to know about this, her seventh novel. Not the erotic or paranormal fiction that is currently pushing readers’ buttons. Instead Price published In Her Mothers’ Shoes on Amazon Kindle as an e-book, and made it available on Amazon and at Paper Plus in printed form.

In the end, that may be an emotional blessing, if not a financial one, making her story accessible to many more readers for whom it will strike a chord.