A fun read for the holidays

Deadline News, by Caleb Pirtle III Right from the start, the staccato, speakeasy drawl of the accidental newspaperman who not only finds and writes his own stories but sets the hot-metal type and rolls his own printing press in small-town Texas during the Depression. The story that slowly unfurls in “Deadline News” is a slow […]

Self-publishing is hard work!


 As the date draws closer for the launch of my new book, the to-do lists just keep on growing. No sooner do I tick something off than two more things appear on the list. Write book: tick! Get book edited: tick, tick (I had it done twice, the latter one by a very clever editor […]

Arts revival in Christchurch

  The gradual recovery of the arts in Christchurch has never been more evident than in this past month and much of it, I’m proud to say as a board member now, was funded in part by Creative New Zealand. In July I attended no fewer than six arts milestones each of them showing just […]

Publishing Approaches

It’s an exciting and frantic time leading up to publication. But the most exciting time of all is seeing the proposals for the book cover for the very first time. A couple of days ago, I was browsing emails on my phone and there it was – an attachment from my designer, the very talented […]

Writers’ Groups – do they work?


This morning, four of us met over too much chocolate and coffee to share our latest writing efforts and critique each other’s work. Writers’ groups have the potential to become a crit-fest, to make you feel depressed and wonder why bother. I know this because I’ve heard of other writers’ groups that fall apart after […]

New website for the new publishing age


How many authors, I wonder, feel nostalgic for those good old days when we wrote the best book we possibly could then sent it off to our publisher and they did everything for you – the editing, the design, the printing and, joy of joys, the marketing. If we were lucky, we got to go […]

Crossroads: self-publish or traditional publish my new novel?


Over the last six months I have been very lucky to have had the time to write whenever I want. Part of the time, I was based in that famous Katherine Mansfield city of Menton, on the French Riviera, where the ions in the air I am sure helped me write a substantial chunk of […]

Give and Ye Shall Receive


Joining the New Zealand Romance Writers online community has opened a new window of opportunity for me – there are some wonderfully helpful people there like Shirley Wine, who writes Rural Romances as breathtaking and unique as the land that inspires them. Shirley has been generous with her advice and has hosted my first guest […]

It’s been raining men – but where’s the benefit?


When everyone raves about ultra-fast fibre broadband, it’s a no-brainer to sign up for it right?  Now that we’ve done so, I’m not so sure. The fibre cable arrived at our gate, along with all the other gates in our street, about two months ago, followed by a flyer from Snap! Did we want to […]