Publishing Approaches

It’s an exciting and frantic time leading up to publication. But the most exciting time of all is seeing the proposals for the book cover for the very first time.
A couple of days ago, I was browsing emails on my phone and there it was – an attachment from my designer, the very talented Alaina Rhind ( and I let out a squeal of delight. Right there in a crowded cafe. The design was more than I had imagined. How do these people come up with such clever ideas. The second design down wasn’t so girly and was more appropriate to the book, but that first look at the tiny red paper hearts fluttering across the floor really had me gripped. I think I’ll have to write a book to fit!
The cover is the icing on the cake of course. There’s all the other stuff to do too – get the ISBN number (tick), get a printing quote (tick), write the publicity blurb for the back cover (tick), make sure you’re happy with the title (tick). Actually the title was interesting. After calling the book “Aftershock” for the past 18 months, I’ve now come to the conclusion that “A Jolt to the Heart” is much more expressive of what the book is really about.
Anyway, back to the list: Finish writing the book. Oops. I haven’t finished editing it yet! I sent it off to Philippa Donovan ( a highly regarded small-business editor in London and she came back with the unsurprising news that I had to cut the first 6 chapters into two. Holy hell! Quite a task, getting rid of so many darlings like that, and in such a short space of time. But I’ve nearly done it, have chopped 12.500 words already and probably a few more to go, but it is so hard deleting pages and pages of words that you took so long to write. But she is perfectly correct. The first few chapters dragged badly. Someone described it as finding your feet, getting into the swing of the book. And it was a bit like that. A bit waffly, a bit repetitive, a bit unnecessary. And so it’s gone.
Now I’ve just got to do a high-speed edit of all the other things she suggested i do. I’d better get going!


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