In Her Mothers Shoes Book Cover

“This will resonate with New Zealand women readers in particular.” – Weekend magazine in The Press and the DomPost

5_starsFelicity Price is the mistress of the light, fast read. But in this book, she goes deep to tell her own story of adoption. Although the story is fictionalised, so much of it is true. And this makes the story very poignant. A really good read.

5_stars“Amazing to read a story that could very well have been about so many girls (myself included) and babies if they were not fortunate enough to be born in a more enlightened and less conservative era. Well done Felicity, sensitively written honoring all aspects of your past.”

5_stars“It was a privilege to read this personal journey of Felicity Price and her two families. Who says we haven’t made progress over the past decades. However, it is chilling to look back at the cruel, Victorian attitudes held by society and the ongoing ramifications of these on future generations. “


Head Over Heals Book Cover“Funny and fast-paced, this is a candid and entertaining novel about finding some sort of balance in your life.” – Australian Woman’s Weekly (NZ Edition)

“In Head Over Heels, Price mines every fifty-something, middle-class working woman’s worst struggles and fears.” - North and South magazine

“If you happen to be in your 40s or above, you can’t fail to recognise yourself in Price’s books.” – Weekend Magazine in The Press and DomPost

“Having just finished reading No Angel, I was keen to read Head Over Heels, what a brilliant read,full of intrigue,suspense ,I couldn’t put it now to find another book by felicity price.”


A Sandwich Short of a Picnic Book COver“This is chick lit meets feminism; Penny is, like most of us at times vulnerable and amazingly strong… There are laugh-out-loud moments aplenty – particularly when Penny pulls off the ultimate revenge on her runaway husband. Smart, hilarious and sad, but by the end of the book you’ll be thinking about what is really important in your life.” – Australian Woman’s Weekly (NZ Edition)

“The book is a hoot and the heroine a warm, vulnerable, funny human survivor… Price writes with a delightfully light touch.’ – The Christchurch Press

“Kiwi chick lit has reached new heights and the view has never looked so good.” – DomPost

“Price possesses a sharp ear for dialogue… I must confess I read it in a day and thoroughly enjoyed it.” – North and South


Split Time Book Cover“Price’s breezy style, wry humour and honest portrayal of a modern woman’s lot will make this a popular choice for a reader looking for more than a formulaic chick lit.” The Press

“Chick lit meets feminism …and the result is an appealing, readable novel with soul and a social conscience.”- The DomPost

“The pace is lively, the dialogue peppy, the story eminently readable … light, entertaining and satisfying.” – NZ Herald



Call of the Falcon Book Cover

“…heart warming and achieves a real depth of feeling… This is a well managed and readable novel… Price presents a buffet of themes, plots and issues. With skill and confidence, she switches from one to another throughout the read, never losing the reader’s interest or sense of wonder.” – The Press

“…a rollicking good read.” – Sunday Star Times

“Felicity Price is a great storyteller. Her research is meticulous, her characters well drawn, and the book moves along at a cracking pace that makes it hard to put down.” – Avenues magazine



“Price is a gifted writer who uses real events of the past to bring the present into sharper focus.” – NZ Herald

“Felicity has got this knack of drawing in true elements of NZ history and bringing them up to date and meshing them with a story of today. With this book, it’s really good fun… It’s the frontier life… it’s romantic… it’s beautifully written. It speeds through the story. It’s an intelligent girly book.” – Newstalk ZB

“Price is a stylish action writer who has turned in a polished and entertaining performance.” – NZ Listener

No Angel is a rollicking read by a talented storyteller.” – The Christchurch Press

5_starsHaving read In Her Mothers Shoes, being totally captivated by her story, I was more than interested in reading No Angel, not to be disappointed, what a wonderful read,full of intrigue and I couldn’t put it down. Now I’m keen to read Head over heels, and any other of her books.


Dancing in the WIlderness Book Cover

Felicity Price’s first novel offers something rare in New Zealand fiction – pace and tension. You can’t bear to put it down… Price is gifted enough to write her story with a precision, eye for detail and balance that makes it feel authentic.” – NZ Herald

“Quite apart from being a good yarn, it is well informed about issues that should concern us all.” – Wairarapa News

Price spins a captivating tale… The book is well crafted and engaging, and impressive for a first novel. I hope it is the first of many.” -Nelson Mail

“Price has the pace of a good storyteller and the development of character that absorbs the reader into the lives of strong women characters.” – The Press


The John Britten Story“The Britten bike is a stunner. This book about its creator is too.” – The Press Newspaper