Self-publishing is hard work!

¬†As the date draws closer for the launch of my new book, the to-do lists just keep on growing. No sooner do I tick something off than two more things appear Book_Cover_Final[1]on the list. Write book: tick! Get book edited: tick, tick (I had it done twice, the latter one by a very clever editor in London, Philippa Donovan (, who was right on the money about how to make it so much better). Get cover designed: tick and how. You can see for yourself how stunning it is right here. Get a publisher/printer: tick. My wonderful first publisher Quentin Wilson is doing the layout and organising the printing for me, so that it will look like a proper book! Arrange publicity: half a tick. I’ve got some of it sorted, but a lot still to do. Without any printed copies to send off to reviewers and magazines, I’m a bit stonkered. Arrange distributor: another half a tick. I’ve got one lined up but they’re not saying yes or no until Monday morning, which is a bit nerve wracking. I hear they’re pretty good, so here’s hoping.
Then there’s the book launch. Send out invitations: tick. (BTW you’re all invited if you haven’t already had an invite: August 28th at 5.30pm at Paper Plus Merivale. Bring a girlfriend who likes books! And after invitations? Buy the bubbles, of course: big tick for that one. Lindauer was on special again, which always helps. Still to do: arrange the catering, ask the MC (my very capable husband Chris Rennie), ask the speakers (watch this space).
Oh, and one other really important component: make sure the books are delivered on time! Let’s hope that is a big tick too and it all comes together on the night.
But wait there’s more. I’m also launching the book to a very select audience of other writers at the New Zealand Society of Authors Book Buzz meeting on September 4th and then again at the Amberley Writers Tea Party on September 7th. Plus I’m going to have another wee launch at work – well a sales launch anyway. So that’s four launches, three lots of catering (all except Amberley), and hopefully the start of lots of sales.
If only those lists didn’t keep growing!

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